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The nurses are knowledgeable and experienced and most importantly they love children. Facilities are great and the food variety is excellent. Overall, I felt that my baby was well taken care of and I got to rest and nourish myself to recovery.

- Wong Siew Shin

  • Recommended to those who are looking for a confinement center🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 1. The administrators are always there to attend to your needs & resolve your problem, if any😊 2. The administrators (Chloe & ShiMin), nurses and supporting staff are very friendly. Has had an enjoyable stay 🙂, getting more than enough time to rest😊 3. Very supportive of breastfeeding. Experienced councilors are Read more...
    San Heng
  • Decided to go LGCC once I found on my pregnancy in Jan 2020 as my friend gave very high reviews to this CC. However when I visited the centre the PIC still wish that I could survey more centre before I made the deposit. Despite all odds I still check in to LGCC for my first born confinement. What you see is what you get, LG is truly a no-frills CC. What I really appreciate is that they’re very systematic in running the CC as in every personnel has their own role from the management team to cleaner and of course the care taking staffs, ie Nurses. Read more...
    Vivian Ong
  • Times flies, it's already 3 months after I left LGCC @ 16. I remember when my first visit for the Confinement Centre, LGCC gave me the feel like homely and comfortable confinement centre. The person in charge Chloe introduced the center to me and my husband . In the end, I choose LGCC after my few visit to others confinement center. It really didn't disappointed me, and here I was treated like a queen for this 28 days. Although it's been 3 months, but I still miss the 28 days when I stay at LGCC. I miss the 5 meals that delivered on time every day. Especially the tea time, different refreshments every day. The nurses are very professional Read more...
  • I absolutely enjoyed my 28 days of confinement at La Gracia. As it was my first time at a CC, I had no expectations to how it would be like and how I would be able to adjust being away from home. To my relief, I felt absolutely welcomed and at ease the day I arrived and for the duration of my stay at LGCC. Home away from home, it was really quite easy to settle in due to the friendly staff, nurses and helpers. Read more...
    Carolyn Au-Yong
  • Highly recommend this confinement Centre. The team is very professional. From the person in charge to the nurse to the kitchen lady, they all play their part to the best! I love the support for helping me in breastfeeding. If not because of their help, I wouldn’t success. The nurses are well trained and gave professional guidance and support. In the nutshell, this is a highly professional team and you will have no regret choosing this team to have your confinement. Thank you team!
    Gwen Gan
  • Some mummy had pity confinement experience but I'm so lucky to had a wonderful one in LGCC. The staffs are so lovely and helpful, they always try their best to cater my requests ; the nurses are professional and knowledgeable when come to medical related issue. I wouldn't able to detect my baby had tounge tied issue until they advised me. Fortunately the issue was found earlier, otherwise we might missed the golden time to fix it. Read more...
    Karen Lai WeiJuin
  • 坐月子28天很快就过完了,在这里开始了我的母乳旅程,谢谢护士们细心的照顾与教导,学会帮宝宝洗澡、按摩.....这里的每一位都很好有家的感觉,环境舒适干净,天天不一样的菜色,超喜欢我期待的下午茶!
    Shirley Choong
  • It'd been a pampering and enjoyable one month staycation! I had plenty of good rest, plenty of personals space, plenty of me time in La Gracia SS16. Despite this my second delivery, I'm thankful for great support and help from the nurses in breastfeeding and taking good care of baby, especially the toughest first week. Besides that , I also miss all the nourishing and wide variety of meals that served on time. I like that this Centre is not overly commercialized. It is probably not the most sophisticated and popular cc out there, but it's all that I need, home away from home at a strategic location with quiet neighborhood, cosy environment, offering great support postpartum. If given a choice again, I'd still choose to stay here! Highly recommended! Thank You Chloe and the team for being so accommodative taking good care of us
    Chia Huey
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